Central Avenue United Methodist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
Know, Grow, Go

Youth News

CAUMC Youth Group 

We had a good group Sunday evening in spite of the rainy weather, and enjoyed pizza and dessert provided by Malcolm and Sherry Long and Phyllis Jones. Last week, I forgot to thank Laura and Ben Vickers for the delicious chicken spaghetti after our rappelling trip. Thank you to everyone who provides suppers for our youth group throughout the year!!


We had a good discussion about the ability we all have to change--how we should be open to accepting change in people about whom we have

 previously formed opinions, and how God always welcomes us with open arms in spite of mistakes we 

have made in the past. We read and talked about Sauls conversion in Acts as an example of someone who made a complete transformation in his life!


Then we had time for some fun games and fellowship. We are so proud of this group and the good year that they have had, and are looking forward to meeting this summer! Please remember, there will be no youth meeting next Sunday, May 31, but we will begin our regular summer meetings on Sunday, June 7.


In Christs love,

Lannie and Cindy